Tree Care

Tree Care

The Science of Tree Care for Healthier Trees

The Punkin Hollow service promise doesn’t end with tree sales and service. We take tree care seriously – because it is our passion, and because it leads to healthier trees. Working in partnership with Mother Nature, deep agricultural and engineering experience shapes our trees, from sapling to maturity.

A Better Approach to Tree Care

High-quality trees require high-quality care, which is why so much effort goes into giving every tree in our tree nursery a strong start.

  • A scientific approach:
    Advanced horticultural methods spur healthy, long-living trees.
  • A tree doctor’s diet:
    Our trees enjoy a diet of organic fertilizer and advanced irrigation.
  • Optimal soil conditions:
    Because better trees start from the ground up.

Tree Care During Transport

From state-of-the-art tree moving equipment to hand-digging and hydration, our trees enjoy safe transport from our property to yours.

  • Pre-move prep:
    Trees are given a supercharged dose of hydration and nutrients.
  • Branch & root protection:
    Advanced techniques protect the trees’ most vulnerable areas.
  • Tarps:
    Tarps in ideal sizes and weights blanket the trees and protect gentle buds on the road.
  • On-site prep:
    When your tree arrives, we ensure it loves its new home.

Tips for Tree Care on Your Property

Tree care begins at our nursery and continues after planting. Below are a few things you should know. If you have a tree care question, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our expert tree professionals.

  • Watering:
    Our deep irrigation knowledge ensures ideal property conditions after planning.
  • Staking & pruning:
    Some trees need this; others do not. We guide you through the process.
  • Avoiding transplant shock:
    From soil conditions to PH, it is important to understand the unique conditions each tree requires.
  • Sentimental trees:
    Want to protect a specific tree? Our tree doctors may be able to help.