Trees for Sale

Trees for Sale

Hundreds of Acres of Tree Choices

There’s a tree for every project, and hundreds of thousands are here at the Punkin Hollow Tree Farm. We’re known for the care with which we tend and move healthy, large-caliper mature trees – up to 18” – and put that attention to detail into every specimen. Merging horticultural savvy with the technical expertise, we raise trees designed to last, from young, fast-growing trees to 100’ specimens.

A Real Tree Nursery

You’ll immediately see the difference when working with a tree nursery that raises and delivers its own stock. We blend the
science of tree care with a passion for service to deliver:

  • • Healthier trees for sale: We employ the science of tree care – from staking and irrigation to hand digging when needed – for a better end product
  • • An enormous tree selection: Our tree farm boasts an endless array of options, from 24-102’
  • •Safe delivery and aftercare: Our vetted tree transport expertise is your advantage
  • • Complete tree services: From excavation and hand digging to landscape design, we do it all

Visit the Punkin Hollow Tree Farm

The best way to select the right tree is to visit us. Meet with one of our experienced tree nursery professionals who use their deep expertise to guide you through the tree selection process – whether you need a million trees for a golf course or the perfect set of shade trees for your own backyard.

Better tree service begins here.