Tree Planting & Moving

Tree Planting & Moving

Tree Removal and Planting Experts
for Your Property

When we get a client, tend to keep them, and there’s a reason for that. We’ve spend 40 years optimizing our approach to tree removal, tree planting, and transplanting with an eye on the creation of beautiful properties for our clients. From measures that ensure thriving trees and safe transport to tree removal with a light touch, we are built to handle jobs of any size.

Tree Planting That Takes the Long View

When planting trees, you need to think about it now – and 20 years from now. Our tree planting experts know how to pair the tree to the property because we have a full-service tree nursery behind us.

  • Mature trees today:
    Why wait for a sapling to grow when you can have a large tree today?
  • No tree too large:
    We have the expertise and equipment to plant trees of any size.
  • Careful preparation:
    From expertly tied root balls to branch protection and tarping, our mission is to deliver safe, healthy trees.

  • Expert care:
    We understand trees and soil, and optimize property conditions for quick adaptation and a long lifespan.
  • Solutions for trees with sentimental value:
    Replanting may protect the trees you value most.

Powerhouse Tree Removal

When it comes time to remove a tree, whether for design or safety, expertise is everything. Our arborists start with some of the most powerful equipment on the East Coast, and then use deep insight into tree biology to properly address removal. From managing complex root systems to protecting your property throughout, we take pride in being a tree removal partner that clients call time and time again.