Tree Moving Equipment

Superior Tree Equipment

Merging Heavy-Duty Performance
with a Protective Touch

At Punkin Hollow Tree Farm, our tree equipment is a prime differentiator. Scalable, flexible and designed for safe transport from the ground across the road, you’ll see the difference immediately. We have more equipment. More experience. And the essential blend of serious performance and a light touch that leaves you with a beautiful property, whether you’re moving one or a million trees.

The Power Behind the Move

We’re able to move larger trees than many of our competitors because we invested in better tree equipment. From advanced tree spades with all the bells and whistles to powerhouse excavation equipment, every machine is handled by experts, with a constant emphasis on safety and performance.

  • Speed:
    We make it a point to be scalable so that we’re always service-ready.
  • Agility:
    The heaviest equipment requires the gentles touch.
  • Protection:
    From floatation tires to training, we safeguard your trees and property.
  • Scale:
    Need to hand-dig a specimen? Need to move 10,000 trees? We can do it.

The Full Range of Modern Tree Equipment

When you work with Punkin Hollow, the only tree size limitations are those set by municipalities on the road – and in those cases, we may just take to the skies. From earth movers and tree cutters to tree baskets and spades, safe tree transport is our promise.

  • Large tree spades:
    Trees of all sizes are moved in tree spades ranging in size from 24 to 100”.
  • Big trucks:
    State-of-the-art 4- or 6-wheel drive and “floatation tire” trucks provide access to all sites – and merge protection with power.
  • Roto-tillers:
    We boast one of the biggest roto-tillers on the East Coast.
  • Air transport:
    If a tree is too large to be transplanted safely in one of our spades, we can crane-lift or helicopter-fly your tree to its new location.