Design & Landscape

A Partner to Landscape Architects and Property Owners

A complement to our landscape tree services, Punkin Hollow Tree Farm specializes in landscape design, including large tree plantings, hardscapes, pools, decks, drainage and more. Equally driven by aesthetics and functionality, our end goal is a beautiful result – from upscale backyard designs to lush golf courses.

Landscaping Trees

Trees are an integral part of the landscape, adding dimension and color to outdoor space. Punkin Hollow Tree Farms offers hundreds of acres of trees, but we don’t stop there. We take special pride in bringing a design eye to tree installation, working on our own or in concert with your landscape architect.

• New landscapes
• Hardscaping
• Tree shading, buffers, and screening
• Landscape and site renovation
• Building and restoration of golf courses
• Tree replacements
• Shrub moving

Marrying function and form

The shape of a landscape can take many forms – and brings many advantages, from better shade and privacy to a beautiful view. We have a deep understanding of trees, landscapes, and the complete ecosystem, and work with landscape architects and independently to deliver benefits to our clients.

Big trees mean a cool house and less pressure on your AC systems

Design and color:
The best solutions arise when function meets form.

Pool areas & hardscaping:
Craft superior outdoor living and functional space.

Deer & environmental issues:
The right landscape can minimize detrimental property factors.

Wind resistance & sound barriers:
Trees & landscape factors change the experience of nature.

Soil testing:
A healthy, thriving landscape emerges when soil conditions match your desired landscape solution.

A Partner to Landscape Architects

Our proven landscape design savvy makes us a valuable partner to landscape architects seeking a tree provider that truly understands the aesthetic whole. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to bring landscaping trees and a range of related solutions to your project.