Founded by Roger Locandro, Jr., Pun’kin Hollow Farms is the logical outcome of a family history of farming that dates back generations. Brought up hand digging specimens on a Christmas tree farm – and a “farmer’s farmer” by trade – Roger set out in 1985 to create a business steeped in the old-fashioned tradition of standout customer service. A tree moving service was born, and quickly grew into today’s full-service tree company offering large trees for sale , tree planting and moving, and much more.

Pun’kin Hollow is focused on service commitment, blending the best aspects of a family run business with the savvy of a large-scale tree company. From commercial jobs that require a dedicated fleet of serious tree moving equipment to accounts needing excavation and design work, we’re known for responsiveness, professionalism, and dedication to a job done right.The Pun’kin Hollow service promise doesn’t end with tree sales and service. We take tree care seriously because it is our passion, and because it leads to healthier trees. Working in partnership with Mother Nature, deep agricultural and engineering experience, we take the time to care for your trees, from sapling to maturity.